Monday, October 1, 2007

A friend who is the mother of a teenage girl has warned me that life with girls and their moods is like a roller coaster. Hopefully, Anna and I are at a highpoint in our roller coaster ride. She and I spent most of Friday and all day Saturday together without any significant mood swings or whining, and tonight she was still in a very pleasant mood while we were working on spelling words. I really like this side of her.

She was the flower girl in a friend's wedding, so I took her to the rehearsal and dinner on Friday. Then Saturday morning we were up early for a soccer game (which her team won) before getting her hair done and having lunch. Isn't she cute? She did a great job, and the wedding was beautiful.

However, this wedding also made me realize I have transitioned into a new stage of life. Instead of attending a wedding and thinking some detail of it would've be nice at my wedding, I was trying to remember various aspects that could be used in Anna's wedding some day (in the VERY distant future). It was a great wedding with many wonderful details. I especially liked a special dance they had for all the married couples which eventually led to the couple who had been married the longest (52 years I think) dancing alone. What a great idea!

I just hope that this couple enjoys their marriage as much as D and I have enjoyed ours.

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