Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'm afraid dvr may become a need for me -- a luxury but still a need. The shows I like to watch a way too violent for the kids. I don't let the kids watch them but they won't stay out of the room when I'm watching them. Also, the shows I prefer are at the 7 and 8:00 hours -- before their bedtime. Maybe I should push bathtime back to 6:30 and lights out at 7...

I try not to pick up any new shows, but I couldn't resist watching pushing up daisies. I loved it. The dialogue was fast and witty. The characters were quirky. And it was just fun. I highly recommend it.

Poor Jack. Tonight he wanted me to read his Diego and Clifford books for the billionth time but I was trying to watch CSI -- definitely not a kid-friendly show. Fortunately, his wonderful big sister read to him and then he crashed on my bed.

We've got a big weekend with the Czech festival parade, a family dinner, the OU-Texas football game and a day out with Thomas the Tank Engine. I may never feel completely rested again.

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