Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The deep cleaning went relatively well. My kitchen cabinets and floorboards look shiny and new while the rest of the house is still cluttered with junk.

Today is the last day of the first nine weeks of school. It is also the deadline for Jeremy to master the first five pages of sight words -- not an easy task. I sent the last two to school today hoping his teacher tests him early so he will remember "away" and some of the other words he stumbled over. We're going to jump on the next several pages and not wait until Christmas break to turn them in. I was reading to him yesterday and we came across a word that he thought I spoke incorrectly. I asked him how long he thought I had been reading and don't I probably know how to read a lot more words than he??? He chose to agree with me for once.

God is definitely sending me a message -- I made the right choice to only have four children (or that I was pushing it having the fourth kid). Baby is 11 months old and still wakes up at least once a night! It's not right! Anna was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks, and while girls are usually quick learners, the other two boys caught on around 10 and 11 weeks. I don't know what's wrong with Baby, but he's slowly killing me and he's not even driving yet!

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