Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I would post some really cute pictures of the kids in their costumes, but my phone/digital camera messed up (not sure how it could be user error) and I lost all of them. Considering my computer crashed a few weeks ago and I thought I lost all the pictures I had on the hard drive, I'm not sure digital photography is right for me. Fortunately, the computer pictures reappeared but right now I'm not too optimistic about my phone pictures.

Regardless, the kids had a great time going around the neighborhood. Jack was great about saying trick or treat and thank you. At some of the houses, the kids would sing the trick or treat song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It was actually pretty cute.

Now I'm just exhausted and even though I tried to get Jeremy to finish his homework before all the craziness got started, he did not. So now he is sitting at the dining room table acting like he's never seen words let alone letters before. And that is why I'm on the other side of the house typing on the computer -- trying not to yell at him and letting him suffer the consequences.

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