Monday, October 29, 2007

We are not only entering the Holidays around our household. It's also a birthday bonanza starting with me. This is the lineup for the next three months -- Nov. 11, 14, and 28; Dec. 30; Jan.26. Poor Jack is the only one who has to wait until spring to get birthday presents.

This time of year also means birthday parties. I don't feel that we've ever gone overboard on parties. Anna and Jeremy don't have big parties every year, and actually Anna won't have another big party (inviting more than 10). However, Jeremy has only had what I would consider a real birthday party. He chose the activity and who he wanted to invite. He had a party at Chuck's once, but he was only two and it was a combo party with his sister so it doesn't count.

Last year I had just given birth so there was no way I was up to the challenge of issuing invitations, making reservations and buying party favors. So this is his year. I thought I had a great idea -- lunar mini golf. Very cool, fun and no one has done that yet (not that I'm try to compete). But he said no. What?!? He doesn't want to golf, but he doesn't have any suggestions right now.

Until...While he was praying before a meal recently, he told God he hoped he could have a birthday party at Whitewater. He was devastated to learn the the waterpark is only open in the summer - not in November. Even worse, he already told his friends he was having a party at Whitewater. And once again, my kids got the lecture about running things past mom and dad before inviting anyone and everyone to do whatever it is you want to do.

Back to the drawing board...

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