Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Anna's soccer season ends in mid-November -- the same weekend Jeremy's basketball league starts. I may get a month off in the spring between the end of his season and the beginning of Anna's spring soccer season. Good thing I like sports. I just hope his basketball games do not interfere with OU basketball games (and football of course). However, if OU's season doesn't improve over last year, I may glad to have an excuse to miss the games.

Jeremy is so excited about playing basketball. I told him we will probably look for some new tennis shoes for him to wear. He decided to ask a classmate where he got his. Although his friend said he got them at the mall, Jeremy decided he would just ask another classmate if he could have his shoes. At least he was going to ask and not bully the kid out of the shoes. Fortunately, he didn't act on this before he and I discussed it. I explained that while I am all for hand-me-downs, you should wait until a person is done with the article of clothing before taking ownership of it -- and only when the item has been offered to you.

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