Monday, February 11, 2008

This weekend I finally watched the one Blockbuster movie I had -- 1408 -- a paranormal thriller starring John Cusack. He has always been a favorite of mine, and I thought he handled the cynical author role well. I'm not one who gets creeped out easily, but since I was alone in the house with the baby, I did feel a little uneasy at first. But then D and the other kids came home, and he finished watching it with me. It was an interesting flick, but I would've liked to have learned more about why the room was so evil.

We also watched Game Plan (cute) and Shredderman Rules (another cute one with a kid from a Nickelodeon show). Since some of us (mainly me) were still unwell, we just hung around the house most of the weekend watching movies. Jeremy and I also caught a classic on TV -- Big starring Tom Hanks. Since we missed the first part, I've decided to put it in my Blockbuster queue so the whole family can enjoy one of his early hits.

I know my movie reviews are not riveting journalism but honestly my head is still pretty fuzzy so it's hard enough stringing words together. So I should probably quit while I hope I've written somewhat coherent sentences.

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