Thursday, February 21, 2008

On a positive note, Spencer slept through the night. The down side? Jeremy didn't. Poor guy spent most of the night in the bathroom. He stayed home from school and got to go into the office with me for a little while. But in the short hour and a half he was there, he made 4-5 trips to the bathroom. He's still pretty upbeat and doing better now.

However, Jack was sent home for Mother's Day Out with a fever. Yippee. Right now I just want to hibernate, but unfortunately, Anna has a soccer game this evening, so I must get out in this cold, misty mess. This will definitely not help my own barking cough. I will probably comfort myself with a hot chocolate after the game. But will I have enough self discipline to wait until I get home so D can make some hot chocolate or will I stop at Starbucks? We will see.

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