Friday, February 22, 2008

I think it's interesting that Hillary Clinton accuses Barack Obama of plagiarism, of not using his own words in his speeches. Does that mean she's the first candidate in I don't know how many years who actually writes her very own speeches? She just put a lot of speech writers out of business. That was just one of the little exchanges I managed to catch last night between the many coughing fits in our household.

UPDATE: I wasn't able to complete my opinion of that particular issue because of a certain three year old who was determined to play Easy Bake Kitchen on the computer.

I think Obama could've at least mixed the words up a little, but if the guy who originally used those words works for his campaign, then I don't think I would call it plagiarism. I have a little experience in the public affairs arena -- although not as much as these presidential campaign workers -- and I can tell you it is not unusual to reuse phrases in various forms with many different audiences. I for one am not going to start throwing stones.

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