Monday, March 5, 2007

Which one is not like the others

My three oldest children have blonde hair and blue eyes. Part of me was hoping that the 4th might have hazel eyes and darker hair, but if he did, then I knew his older siblings would tease him from birth until he was able to beat them up. Well, it looks like his blue eyes are staying around but his hair has a slight red tinge to it.

For the last few days, Jack has been fascinated with the color of our eyes. He will go through the whole family -- daddy, what color your eyes (blue); Violet, what color your eyes (blue); and so on until...mommy, what color your eyes. Uh, brownish green. I promise I gave birth to all four, but none of them really look like me (other than being "petite"). I'm OK with that most of the time. But right now, Jack continually reminds me that I'm the different one in this family.

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