Monday, March 5, 2007

So little time

It is madness this month in more ways than one Not only is it the beginning of conference tournaments, I have several major projects at work due at the same time. But I will not forget the important things in life. D and I usually fill out our own brackets and make a friendly wager with another couple. As far as I can remember, one of us has won every year. However, this year since OU will not be in the tournament (unless of course, some Sooner Magic occurs and they win the Big 12 tourney) and OSU probably won't make it in, our brackets will be interesting. Someone always takes OU or OSU to the Final Four, so that messes up his/her bracket immediately.

But with the Big 12 men's and women's tournaments in town this week and my office a mere block away from the action, I'm starting to feel the excitement -- especially since an incredible friend scored us a couple of tickets for tonight's women's game. Now I just need to stay focused to meet my many deadlines and avoid racking up too much comp time.

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