Saturday, March 24, 2007

Date night

Last night would've been a perfect date night if Spencer* had slept through dinner. Since the three older kids were at the grandparents, D and I took the opportunity to have dinner at a new restaurant in town. It actually opened a few months ago, but since we're trying to limit dinners out, we usually reserve those few times for Alfredo's - our favorite Mexican restaurant. Anyway, the night was near perfection because since we had to go to dinner later (and because the restaurant is very small and new) we were the only ones in the place. Better yet -- they had a TV nearby showing the basketball tournament. However, Spencer was cranky for most of the meal, but when he smiles, it makes all these moments worth it.

So many thoughts going through my head about what I could write...the state legislature and the governor (AKA the state treasurer) trying to make the other look bad regarding the budget, bunko (I get to go for the first time since December!!) or the importance of putting your marriage first.

I know I've written about my relationship with my husband, but since I started out talking about date night, I'm going to keep going (I hope I'm not repeating something from one of the few posts I've written). Every year since we've been married, D and I have taken turns planning our anniversary celebration. We don't just go out to dinner. We set aside the whole weekend for ourselves. D usually does a much better job than I do. From the very beginning when he surprised me with a weekend at a murder mystery bed and breakfast, I have tried to come up with something amazing. I almost did it last year -- a trip to Malaysia. Alas, a water heater, totaled car and pregnancy took care of that plan.

As busy as we are and will continue to be, I hope we are always able to have more than a dinner to reflect on our marriage and spend some dedicated time with each other.

*Yes, I was going to give my kids pseudonyms, but I'm too tired for that.


grab_a_spoon said...

Your footnote cracked me up.

Which restaurant did you guys go to?

Dayna said...

Sophabella's -- I would say they have excellent deep dish Chicago style pizza but since they weren't busy at all, the food wasn't as hot as it should've been. Therefore, it was just really good pizza.

I've decided I'm probably going to be tired for the next 8-10 years.