Thursday, March 1, 2007

Getting back on track

Before I became pregnant with #4, I was in a pretty good routine. Cleaning bathrooms and mopping on Mondays, working at the office Tuesday thru Thursday, and dusting and vacuuming on Fridays. And thanks to the flylady, I was cleaning my sink each night. I was also becoming more disciplined in my spending habits. Grocery shopping once a week, planning meals for each evening, limiting the number of times I/we eat out, and using cash for everything when possible.

But then I became pregnant, and those first few months weren't (and have never been) good for me -- even if I didn't already have three kids. I had very little energy to do any housecleaning and if I felt like I could eat anything, I sure wasn't up to actually cooking it. So the house was cleaned sporadically and we ate out or picked up fast food much more often than we should.

Well, now I'm trying to get everything in order again. So I'm hanging in there with my financial goals. I'm actually excited about cooking at home more -- of course D isn't usually at home in the evenings to share the meals so I'm limited to kid-friendly dishes. The house cleaning is another story. On my days off, I find myself easily distracted or exhausted. (With baby's sleeping habits, I'm still only getting about 5-6 hours of sleep at night and that's on the rare nights that another kid doesn't wake me up.)

I'm not a clean freak by any means, but sometimes clutter and chaos can set me off. So, for the sake of my sanity, I'm trying any little trick I can find to keep my house looking somewhat tidy. When I first started reading blogs, I was reading several posts from women who were infertile or moms. Now I've branched out and have begun reading some organizing and personal finance blogs. They have been very inspiring.

Now it's time to put what I'm learning to good use. For today, I've cleaned both bathrooms and now I'm going to clean up the kitchen. Then I'm headed to bed where hopefully I'll get a few good hours of sleep.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the flylady and shine my sink every night. It was my New Year's resolution. What financial planning and organizing blogs do you read?

Dayna said...

I've been reading The Family CEO, Blogging Away Debt and The Organizing Junkie. I've gotten good ideas from the organizing one and the debt ones make me feel a little better about our situation.

Anonymous said...

Hey, dooce has a little tutorial on her site about how she builds her mastheads. No Pressure. Just letting you know.

Dayna said...

It's really more of an issue about size of the graphic and where/how to insert it. I'll try to figure it out soon.