Saturday, March 17, 2007

Quality time

Lately I have had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Jack. As child #3, Jack sometimes gets overlooked since he doesn't have homework to do or a sport/activity to attend. He usually just tags along and entertains himself.

I have taken him grocery shopping the last couple of weeks, and we've had fun together. I know this time doesn't last forever, and with four kids, it's hard to savor the moment. So I hope as he grows older I will be able to remember these simpler times -- those moments when he grabs my arm and says "I got you, babe" or runs ahead of me through the house and blocks my way until I say "open sesame." And how can you resist him when he says, "You know what?...I love you." Dash was once sweet like that and now he has turned into a typical boy, so I'll hold onto this time with Jack until he moves onto the next stage.

Speaking of moving on, Baby turned four months old this week. He is officially our biggest child, so his older siblings better watch out. While I miss rocking him as he sleeps, I enjoy playing with him and being rewarded with a smile or coo. He is a very happy baby except when it is time to sleep. It's great that he will go to sleep on his own in his crib; however, if it's time to sleep and we're away from the crib, it's not so much fun.

His sister and brothers still love to talk to him and hold him. Of course, in the not so distant future, that will change. Someone will be mocking someone and there will be cries for help. But for now I enjoy listening to Dash sing Away in a Manager to Baby to comfort him -- even though it doesn't really work. Violet is still at the age that she is ready and willing to help with Baby -- except when his diaper needs to be changed.

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