Monday, March 19, 2007

The Internet is a wonderful thing

As I've mentioned before, my father comes from a very large family (14 children) and every three years we have a big family reunion. While some aspects of the reunion will remain the same for the next several years (location) dues to the wishes of the original 14, the grandkids are starting to make a few subtle changes.

The latest change is a reunion Web site, and in one day, we have almost doubled in hits! I'm very excited about this -- the site and reunion. It is wondeful and amazing to see the other generations getting as excited about this event as the original 14.

I just hope I can survive the next few months without letting someone have it. There are people who will say anything without really thinking (I assume/hope they are not thinking) -- I know there are always going to be people like this, but I'm getting very tired of it right now. I wish people would have a greater respect for traditions and be a little more sensitive about altering any of these traditions or how they interact with other family members.

Regardless, it will be a great time, and I'm enjoying taking a bigger role in the planning of the event so the older generation can finally take a breather.

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