Saturday, January 19, 2008

What an amazing day! I'm too tired to put it all into complete, witty sentences, so I'll piece it together the best I can.

First, Jeremy's pinewood derby car came in 2nd in his den. Second, we had tickets to the ou/texas tech game with sooner club passes -- penny you are soooo awesome. The passes are very key to the awesomeness of this day because during the game they retired Stacey King's jersey. For those who are unaware, King played on the OU team 20 years ago that played for the national championship and unfortunately got beat by Kansas - a team they were playing for the THIRD time that season. Anyway, because we had the club passes, we were able to hang out in this special room and get his autograph.

We were also able to get Billy Tubbs autograph. He is one of the reasons I came to love basketball so much. His teams played such a fun style of run-and-gun basketball and usually scored a hundred a game.

Now, I am exhausted. It was a thrill for me to be in the same room as Stacey King and Billy Tubbs. Only my mom can truly appreciate the excitement I was feeling. Fortunately, my husband can understand the importance of it all even though he's an Oregon Duck fan.

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