Monday, January 7, 2008

I approached the near-death migraine last Thursday. Fortunately, D took the afternoon off because I'm not sure I could've made it there. I got two shots -- one for nausea, one for the pain -- but I'm not sure they helped much. The kind doctor gave me some sample migraine meds to get me by until the evil insurance company would let me refill my own prescription.

He also put me on a preventative medication. The major downside to this med is that carbonated beverages may not taste good. There aren't many liquids out there I enjoy drinking. I don't care for alcohol. I'm not much of a juice drinker. I like milk but only with certain things. However, there's just nothing like a good coke, especially when you're eating pizza, a hamburger, an enchilada, or just about anything. So this potential side effect has me very bummed.

One other side effect is word searching. This could be a problem since I write for a living and deal with a lot of names. But since I have had some type of head pain every day for over a week, I'll try anything.

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