Saturday, January 12, 2008

I have begun week two of the new meds, and hopefully, it will be better than week one. By Thursday, I was ready to check into a hotel and hibernate until I felt normal again. At that point I realized some of the headaches and the emotions were probably hormonal. So there is some hope.

I have managed to go two days without taking any significant pain reliever. All I have used is a few baby aspirin. Who knows what kind of damage I am doing to my body? I'm trying not to think about it.

On Thursday, I took the stairs at work twice, which is no small feat. I hiked from the seventh floor to the 14th. And yesterday, I walked to the school to pick up the kids, but that doesn't count as very strenuous exercise because Jackson was following on his scooter and it wasn't going very well.

I've been drinking a lot of water and very little coke. These are all baby steps, but maybe soon I will feel like a normal person again.

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