Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, D!

My sweet husband turned 39 on Saturday. His wonderful MIL made him a turkey-and-dressing dinner as well as cherry cheesecake. I gave him money to pick up Bad Brad's bbq for dinner on Sunday. I also made an even greater effort an opened a Betty Crocker (or was it Pillsbury?) box of Devil's Food cake mix and used a snowman cake mold to make him a birthday cake which I decorated with canned cheesecake frosting a plain (they'll never be milk chocolate to me) m&m's.

As for gifts, Anna wisely chose something from the list of items he had emailed me -- an emergency roadside kit. Jeremy selected a fishing pole so they would each have one on those boy scout campouts. Jackson, for reasons known only to him, chose a monster truck, AKA the Grave Digger. Not as useful as my blender, but it was chosen with just as much love.

I went all out and bought him some Black & Decker item he'd been requesting for awhile and a skin for his iPhone. But wait, that's not all. As one of my friends and former co-workers once told me, you should celebrate your birthday long and celebrate often. So with that thought in mind, we will be going to the Casting Crowns concert this Thursday. While I was able to purchase these tickets discreetly, I still was not able to surprise him. And my ability to surprise my husband is a topic for another post.

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