Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A few images from this weekend

I finally hung the curtains in Anna's room. That's about as clean as her bed was going to get. Jackson kept running across it yelling "cannonball" and jumping onto a beanbag. At the same time, Spencer kept climbing onto the bed and the window seat, so I was trying to keep him from falling between the cracks. Fortunately, he did not suffer any additional bumps or bruises to his already severely bruised forehead. Back to the room -- aren't those circles great? D did a wonderful job of painting those. The dark blue stripe is magnetic. It's not incredible strong, but it's still a fun touch. The next project is either their bathroom or my bedroom. Yes, I'd like to have a "sanctuary," but I don't think that's possible right now. I think the only way it could happen would be to throw everything out of the house and start over.

Jeremy was quite proud of his red, white and blue pinewood derby car. Anna is already planning to enter in the open division next time.

Horrible picture, I know. But I had to take it quickly and my camera/phone is not a great one. I'm just very luck that I didn't lose it. For anyone who does not know who this person is (if I haven't already said it enough), he is Stacey King, former OU and NBA basketball player. And yes Jeremy's eyes are closed too. I really need an iPhone.

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grab_a_spoon said...

Anna's room is sooo cute! Very fun and not too little-girly. I bet she'll like it for a long time.