Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New member of the family

We acquired a new member of the family this morning. As I was driving the kids to school, I found a small turtle sitting on the curb at the corner. So I stopped to get it and handed it off to D for safe keeping.

After spending an exhausting hour volunteering at the school's reading carnival, I stopped by the house before going to the office. Since he was asleep when I left, Jack was excited to show me the turtle.

Jack: Mommy, look at the turtle.
Me: Wow! That's neat, isn't it?
Jack: It's not neat. It's a turtle.

Can't argue with that logic. The turtle has since been named Tortoise for the short time he/she will be with us. I have already told the kids we will let the turtle go sometime next week after taking it to VBS. But for now, they are having fun watching Tortoise.

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