Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bad blogger

I have got to work on my blogging habits. Although my schedule has been very hectic lately, I have still been able to make time to surf the web in the evening so I should be able to write a few words as well.

It has been a pretty good week, starting with a wonderful Mother's Day brunch at Sophabella's -- prime rib, pork tenderloin, omelet, Chicago-style pizza. Yes, it is a very strange mix of dishes, but I don't mind mixing up my foods and I wanted to get my money's worth. If I liked crab legs, I would've eaten those too. Unfortunately, the waitress spilled a coke down my MIL's back right off the bat. I told her we appreciated her sacrifice for a free meal.

That night we actually saw a movie in the theater! The kids *took* me to see the new Spidey flick. It was entertaining but had a lot of story lines going on.

This was also the week for bunko. I didn't win, but the food was good. In addition to a night out, winning a prize and eating are my main interests. It's a fun and diverse group and about half of them are pregnant -- not me though! I'm hosting next month, so I've been giving it a lot of thought. Some of the previous hosts have gone with a theme (Hawaiian night, pajama party, etc.). I'm not usually one to dress up (except for the pajama party - I love my pajama pants!), so I think I'm going to focus on a food theme. Actually, it's not much of a theme, but I'm going to call it a *Taste of Europe*. As for prizes, I thought about picking up some stuff in the centennial shop downstairs, but I may just go the gift card route. I'm open to any suggestions from the very few readers I have. :)

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