Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's been a rough few days. Baby has been wheezing so he's on breathing treatments which are upsetting for him and exhausting for us. Hopefully, his breathing will clear up soon and we won't have to mess with the machine anymore.

My cousin and I took the older kids to see the new Shrek movie today. It was good, but I'm so tired because I haven't gotten much sleep due to baby's health that I dozed a little. Fortunately, the little kid behind me kept talking loudly, banging the seats and almost kicking me in the head. You'd think I would have a little more patience since I've taken Jack to movies before. The difference is I make sure he stays quiet even if he roams around, but I also make sure I sit away from others and in a row where he has the room to roam.

Since we still have another week of school, we can't really take any trips this weekend, so I'm planning to take the kids to see a little of my family history. While my dad's family is very extensive and is firmly rooted in Oklahoma history, my mom's family has also made it's mark on the state, settling a community between Deer Creek and Edmond. Although the town disappeared almost 100 years ago, the cemetery still remains. I know I'm morbid, but I've always been interested in visiting graveyards and wondering about the people buried there.

It's just one of my many strange fascinations.

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