Friday, May 11, 2007

I have a confession

I ate the entire half gallon of Moo-lennium crunch ice cream. D asked me to confess it on my blog. I'm not ashamed of it. It's not like I ate it in one sitting. It took about five days. It's not my fault it took him so long to decide to eat some. Fortunately, I found the last container at the store tonight AND it was on sale - bonus! Of course, I still got the first bowl...but I gave him at least a half an hour to get some for himself. He's just too slow!

Today was mother's day for me. Jeremy gave me a potholder with his handprint on it, and he made me a card. Anna brough home several papers for me that were kept in a homemade envelope/basket/folder thing. It's always interesting to see what your kids think of you. She wrote a couple of notes that I got a kick out of. Here are some of the answers:
My favorite thing about my mother is "a big work."
I know my mom is smart because she "reads alot."
I love my mom because she works hard at "a big building for schools."
I love my mom because she taught me how to "clean my room."

If teaching her how to clean her room is to teach her to do it the way I did as a kid, she learned very well. As a adult, I don't think she's got the hang of how to really clean a room since I keep picking up trash around her room and you can't see the top of her dresser because of all the stuff.

In other news, I survived the kindergarten field trip to the zoo. At first, no other children were assigned to us, but one of Jeremy's classmates latched on to me so we kept her. Fortunately, she is a relatively easy child to manage. She probably listened to us better than our own kids. D and I were able to tag team, so while one of us sat with baby either feeding him or rocking him to sleep, the other would walk the other kids through the various exhibits. However, my body is still aching and will probably be hurting even worse in the morning because pushing several pounds of kids up hills is very strenuous.