Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spencer is the fourth child, so every time I notice that his speaking skills are not quite up to the level of a child of similar age but one who is a first or even second child, I'm not too concerned. Jack hardly spoke a word until he was almost two -- maybe even two and a half.

This morning, Spencer went beyond the basic "uh, oh." As he watched Veggie Tales, he removed his pacifier and repeated after Larry the Cucumber, saying, "Bob." It was a very exciting moment. I've tried to get him to say Anna or Daddy. He kind of says Momma, but it's hard to know if he actually means me. So I'm ready to declare "Bob" to be his first official word. Thank you, Veggie Tales.


Kristin & Co. said...

Aha. I finally tracked you down. Via PW. I suppose I could have just asked, but that's just too easy. So now you have to be careful about saying things like "What's up with my crazy neighbor across the street?" He he.

Dayna said...

I guess I could've just given you the address. I have nothing to hide. :)