Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Brownie is about to become a Junior Girl Scout. Next month she will participate in a bridging ceremony, which will be the next step in making the transition. With that event, she will have gone farther in the organization than I ever did. Actually, staying in it longer than a year was probably more than I ever did.

Anyway, on the drive home tonight from her badge ceremony which doubled as a potluck dinner, she was asking me how many activities she could participate in. With four kids, we have to limit the number of activities because it's already crazy around our house, and we only have two kids who are old enough for most sports or service groups. And it's only going to get worse.

Although she would love to take ballet or tap and she wants to learn how to speak Spanish, she is smart enough to realize, that those are activities that can be enjoyed in summer programs. By the time we got home, she informed me that she plans to stay in Girl Scouts and soccer throughout school. That's good to hear because those both mean scholarship potential -- it will be even better if she can keep her grades up.

Now, if I survive Jeremy's academic least he really enjoys Boy Scouts.

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