Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And we thought Jeremy was particular. He's got nothing on Jack.

After a challenging morning getting the older two off to school, I was faced with the task of preparing Jack for his first day of preschool. He had me fooled because he wasn't particularly grumpy when he woke up and then it came time to pack his lunch. Maybe I gave him too many options. Maybe it was too early to be thinking about lunch. Whatever the reason, this job was too much for him.

Dinosaur sandwich, circle sandwich or rectangle? He opted for the circle. Once I finished making it, I quickly slid the round pb&j in a baggie and hoped he wouldn't notice that the bread was cracking a little on top. However, he demanded to examine the sandwich to determine if it was perfectly made. Of course he noticed the crack and that led to the first meltdown.

After he calmed down and decided to go with four little triangles, I made another sandwich. Then it was time to actual pack his lunch bag. Somehow his three-year-old brain forgot that he chose the lunch bag that looked like big brother's rather than the colorful Diego lunch box. He insisted that I was using the wrong bag. He tried to find room in the backpack that contained a change of clothes, but he realized the effort was futile. Finally, we decided to go with a paper sack, but before I even unpacked the first lunch bag, he decided it would work.

Now it was time to decide what he would like for breakfast: cereal, frozen waffle or an apple. He went with the apple but wanted to pack the cereal. I was able to talk him into eating the cereal on the way to grandma's house.

During this entire time, Baby was a real trooper -- alternating between crying and chewing on the nearest object. He deserved the one-on-one attention he got from grandma today.

While preparing for school was frustrating, he did provide me with a little after-meltdown entertainment. He sang Oklahoma! over and over and over on the way to grandma's house and then to school.

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