Monday, August 13, 2007

School days

We had back to school night, which is always a very hard night for me. Not because I'm not excited about my kids moving up a grade (Jeremy will go ALL day!), but because it is hot, crowded and chaotic. Not much stresses me out more than a combination of those situations.

Overall, I think it will be a good year. Anna has the only male teacher in the school who comes highly recommended. He seems very cool. Jeremy has a teacher who is new to the school but not new to teaching. We got lucky last year with a new teacher who was wonderful, so hopefully, the same will be true this year.

Next year, if we make the pre-K cut, Jack will be in school there as well. So we'll have three rooms to visit and three sets of paperwork to fill out. I wish the forms were online, so all the same information would auto-populate. That kind of technology in public education? I don't think so. However, Anna's teacher does have a smartboard, so I thought that was impressive.

Thursday is the first day, so we've moved into the mode of getting them used to an earlier bedtime. So I'd better go try to get them in bed.

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