Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today was supposed to be a great, exciting day -- the first day of school...the first day with Jeremy in school ALL day. The morning was OK, but I wasn't able to enjoy much of anything after lunch.

The kids got ready for school with very little prodding this morning. I'm sure we will not have a repeat tomorrow or any day again until the end of May. I let them ride their bikes, and I rode a bike while pulling nearly 50 lbs. in the bike trailor. I made the mistake of taking a shower and getting ready for the day BEFORE I took them to school. Needless to say, by the time I extricated myself from the web of chaos that is many, many parents hanging around the gym on the first day of school, stopped by the park so Jack could play for a few minutes and then rode the bike the rest of the way home, I needed another shower.

I made the mistake of riding the bike to pick up the kids after school. My options were very limited: ride the bike, walk in triple-digit heat while pushing a sit & stand stroller or contribute to the traffic congestion. Since the school is literally out my back door, I didn't think it was wise to contribute to the ozone issue. So I took another shower after I got home. That would be three showers in one day.

The afternoon was consumed by coordinating travel arrangements for my cousin's funeral. It is not going to be easy for me to get away for a few days to fly out to California, but I think it's important that I go -- for my aunt and uncle as well as my parents. So in less than 36 hours I'm going to be getting on a plane and leaving behind four kids, one husband and some big projects. But I'm doing the right thing.

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