Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I visited my hometown today. While I was in California, a hurricane or significant storm or whatever you want to call it, hit the small town in northwest Oklahoma. When we arrived at the airport yesterday, my mom decided to stay at my house rather than return to a house with no electricty, which means no AC.

Power was restored late today, so I took her home. The flood and wind damage was obvious soon after you entered the county. Bales of hay had even been shifted by the flood waters, and railroad tracks had been washed away. The town was literally littered with tree limbs and other debris. There was even a mangled trampoline on the side of a road.

Fortunately my parents' house sustained very little damage. The rain gutter was blown off in one spot, and the antennae they don't use was blown over. Unfortunately, I'm afraid the old, run-down building they have downtown was not damaged enough to warrant an insurance claim.

I'll try to post some pics tomorrow.

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