Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We spent the long weekend with my childhood friend/college roommate and her family. It has become an annual event, meeting at Grapevine, sharing a suite, shopping and playing cards. We always have a great time.

There's something about those friends that you don't see very often or talk to regularly, but when you get together, it's like you've never been apart. Even better, our husbands get along -- almost too well sometimes.

I splurged and actually got fitted for a bra! Now, I actually own three bras that each cost more than a 24 pack of pop. I also found a purse that is the same style of the one I had a few years ago that was perfect. The old purse was a simple black design, but this new one is pushing at the boundaries of my comfort zone. It's red. Those were my attempts at doing a little something for myself.

Of course, I still managed to find many clothes and good deals for the kids. They each even ended up with a stuffed animal (like they needed one more of those).

That's probably enough procrastinating for now. Sitting at the computer is not going to get my house cleaned before the in-laws and the nephews arrive on Thursday. It will probably be another week until I blog again (unless I decide to hide out in my room).

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