Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today my boss took the staff to lunch for her birthday. Seems like we should've been buying her lunch, but she wanted to treat us. Who am I to argue? Not only did she pay for lunch, she chose to take us to Nonna's, where no meal is less than $11. I had a delicious chicken salad, but they must have been really special chickens and imported grapes and almonds to make it worth $12.50.

One of my coworkers, we'll call her Thing 1 brought up the issue of DVD players in vehicles. Her opinion was that it was ridiculous. Her reasons were that specifically, her nephews already watch too much TV, we didn't have TVs in the car when we were kids, and according to her dad, kids should just be bored. My boss put her two cents in and another coworker, Thing 2, who happens to have a toddler, agreed to a certain extent. I remained silent until Thing 2 made a comment about kids entertaining themselves. I had to laugh. With my kids (like many others I'm sure), entertaining could mean a few things -- sing songs, pretend your piloting a spaceship or scream/hit/torment your sibling(s).

At that point, I spoke up and said while I don't use the DVD player while driving around the city and rarely when we make the hour's drive to my parents, we do use it on extended road trips. They don't watch videos continuously, but as I pointed out when we were kids, no one had a strapped into a seat with limited room to move. I roamed all over the family roadster as a kid, camping out among the luggage in back. Give today's kids a break!

To steal from a local TV anchor...that's my two cents.

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