Thursday, June 28, 2007

D and I will be very busy once we get all of these kids into their teenage years. Tonight we saw the Lyric production of Oklahoma! We both enjoy doing things like that so for our anniversary, we bought season tickets. Besides Oklahoma, they are also performing Singin' in the Rain, so we couldn't pass that up. I couldn't help but think that when the kids are older, D and I will be able to get season tickets for anything -- theatre, basketball, etc. (assuming that four kids hasn't bankrupted us).

I can see us traveling to wherever the Big 12 basketball tourney is or going to various theatre productions. I'm very glad that we have such similar interests. I look at my parents -- they both enjoy watching sports which is good, but mom loves to go places and dad would rather stay home in his recliner and sleep. While D and I have different interests also, at least we will having many activities that we enjoy doing together. And hopefully, we will have many years to enjoy those things.

Life is short and there are no guarantees. In the past month, I've learned of a couple of different men who died at relatively young ages. One of them was planning to retire this fall. It's important to plan for the future, but I'm glad D and I take advantage of opportunities today that give us wonderful memories with each other and with our kids.

As for the production of Oklahoma, it was very enjoyable and made me proud to be an Oklahoman. However, I did think it was funny when people began clapping when the orchestra was playing the title song during the opening. Then of course at the end, the crowd stood while they sang Oklahoma. A little strange, but that's my state.

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