Sunday, August 3, 2008

I FINALLY have my laptop!! I would write this blog from the laptop, but I haven't gotten the wireless router (which has been in a drawer for months) set up yet. Regardless, it is a beautiful machine and once I tear myself away from the Internet, I plan to spend some quality time with it.

In other news, it is official -- I gave birth to a mer-boy. I thought Spencer was an ordinary baby. As his mother, of course I thought he was one of the cutest babies ever. Very smart, too, even though he is a boy of very few words. However, while we were swimming Friday evening with Jeremy's Cub Scout pack, Spencer decided he wanted to take a stab at the diving board. He was wearing a built-in life vest in his swimsuit, but he was able to make quite the splash and be fully submerged. He would push, pull and drag me over to the board to do it again, and then he would try to jump before I was ready to let him go or D was ready to catch him. For a toddler who has never had swimming lessons, that mer-boy knows no fear.

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