Monday, August 18, 2008

It is that time of year -- FINALLY. We had meet the teacher night tonight, and as I type, my children are piling up the school supplies all around me. Thank goodness for our PTO. I'm one of those parents who is more than happy to let that group purchase and package the supplies for the different grades. I willingly fork over the bucks just to avoid those school aisles at Walmart. Since I'm already going to be stressed out by those crowds at school on meet the teacher night, I don't see any reason to add to that stress by fighting more crowds aAmat the store.

We were disappointed Jeremy didn't get the same teacher Anna had, but his teacher seems very nice. Anna's teacher told Mrs. H that she was lucky because she was going to really like our family. Maybe she says that to a lot of parents, but I'd like to think not. Anna's teacher is the SIL of one of my good friends, so I slipped that connection into our conversation. In a school our size, any personal connection can really help open the lines of communication. As for Jack's teacher, there's only one pre-k teacher, so we're pretty familiar with her. She was Jeremy's teacher, and she also has a little girl in pre-k. So there should be no surprises there.

Strangely enough, Anna has managed to go from kindergarten to fourth grade without being in the same class with her best friend. I have no idea how the organize the classes, but I think it's odd that they've never been in the same class, and yet she's shared several classes with a few of the same kids.

Two more days before they return. Can I hear an amen? I love my kids, but it's time to implement more rules and structure than they've had this summer. I had great hopes back in May -- dedicated reading time, bike rides to the library, maybe even some workbook pages. Where did the time go? Maybe next year.

For now...three kids in school. One to go.

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