Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And so the saga continues

There has been so much drama in my life that I can't take much more. I've always liked the phrase save the drama for your mama, but in this case the drama is within my extended family and there are too many mamas to deal with.

We had a great time at the family reunion this year despite all the rain and flooding. However, once again, there was talking of moving the location of the reunion. It has now blown up into a big email scandal with only a few members of the family receiving the messages because the distribution list is so large it has to be separated and the person who started the attack replied to those in his list. (That may not make sense to some people, but it really is a simple and typical process.)

I have always thought it was amazing that this family with 14 brothers and sisters does not have an estranged member of the family. Of those siblings, five were born to my grandad's first wife; however, they have never been recognized as half siblings. They have always been one, big and usually happy family.

Now because of the words of a very few -- very rude and thoughtless words -- there are some members of my family who are very hurt. And do you know why the discussion all came about?? Because our state is shortchanging its state parks! It took donations from my family and others to finally get our camp facilities relatively comfortable. But for the past several years, the state hasn't even been able to make an effort to insure quality housekeeping in the lodge at the park. There has been mold and mildew, and in the past, there were mice. Who wants to pay want the lodge charges to sleep with rodents?

So the state is causing the first major strife in my family because of its lack of housekeeping skills.

Of course, I'm not necessarily against changing locations. While it would cost more money, it would give my dad (who worries and bosses WAY too much) a chance to relax and visit with the family. I'm not sure how this saga will turn out. I just hope that no one feels alienated when all is said and done.

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