Saturday, July 21, 2007

Speaking of grandparents

During the reunion, I had the chance to visit with some family members that I usually don't have very extensive conversations with. Actually as I get older my conversations with family members change because I think they are starting to realize I'm an adult too.

Anyway, I was visiting with an aunt and uncle from California, and my aunt was sharing some memories of my grandfather. I'm not an emotional person (I leave that to D), but I got a little teary thinking about this man I never knew. He died five years before I was born. My paternal grandmother was the only grandparent alive when I was born, and fortunately I had about 20 quality years with her.

Back to the conversation...I have always had this idea that my grandfather was an aloof, stern man, but I learned he was really a generous, caring individual. Probably the best information my uncle gave me was explaining that while my dad is the one that looks most like my grandfather, my uncle K is the one that acts like him. Since Uncle K has always been the uncle I've been closest to and now he's like a second grandfather to my kids, it gives me a new perspective on him as well as my own grandfather.

As for the rest of the reunion -- there's talk about moving the location (not a new idea) and there were so many kids (probably 15-20)! I'm looking forward to the next reunion because Baby will be three and I can let him run free with the rest of the kids.

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