Wednesday, July 11, 2007

D had breakfast with the business owner this morning. He is meeting D's request, so D will take it. BUT D also asked to see a financial plan for the company to make sure it is operating solidly and not month-to-month. So he hasn't officially accepted the position. This process has taken about as long as it takes to fill a state job vacancy!

I'm happy for D because he will be able to use his strengths and actually get paid what he's worth. Also, I think it makes him feel better being able to give me the option of quiting if that's what I want to do. And I would only do that if personnel changed at my office and some ridiculous, arrogant micromanager came in to run the place. But surely my luck would not be so bad that I'd have to work for two jerks with those particular traits in less than 10 years.

So now I'm excited about our finances again and plan to start working on a budget (a very flexible budget), eliminating debt and building up our savings. The amazing thing about all of this is I was beginning to wonder how we were going to be able to continue living on our current salaries. The kids are only going to get more expensive, and it's just not in me to make lunch and dinner EVERY day. God is good!

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