Saturday, July 7, 2007

I am such a wimp. We're having a block party and I'm using Baby as an excuse to not be out there while they are breaking the law. They are shooting off some minor fireworks, but it's still loud. While there are many adults out there, I don't want to be one of them if/when the cops show up.

Otherwise, we're having a great time -- hamburgers, hotdogs, deviled eggs, beer and smoking for some, water balloon fight for others. It's really nice living in an area with several kids, ages 8 months to 13 years old. And they all get along fairly well. I'm just glad my daughter isn't one of the teenage girls living next door to the long-haired skater dude.

As for the job situation, D has presented his requirements and now the owner will let him know on Monday. I'm feeling good about this opportunity mainly because the guy wants D for D -- for his people and troubleshooting skills. I've prayed about the job and feel a peace about it while D prayed about the salary and benefits and has a peace about what he requested. Now the ball's in the other guy's court.

I guess I need to go out and be social now that Baby has finally gone to sleep (plus I don't hear anymore fireworks so the coast is clear).

UPDATE: A cop showed up while I was typing this post. He asked if anyone was shooting off fireworks, and Jack, my honest little three year old, said "We are!" The cop said they had received three separate complaints and he had to follow up on it but as long as the kids were having a good time and we were only using ground fireworks like snappers and sparklers, he was fine with it. We should've made sure the killjoy neighbors were invited.

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Penny said...

So how did it go yesterday with the job offer?