Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lately I've gotten so caught up reading some new blogs that I've neglected my own. When I first started reading blogs, I mostly read those dealing with infertility. Then I moved on to some general mommy blogs. Not too long ago I discovered some organizing and personal finance blogs. All of these usually made for some light, interesting reading. However, these blogs that I discovered recently make me count my blessings, tell my husband I love him and hug my kids (even when they are driving me crazy). A couple of these bloggers are women whose husbands have/had cancer. One of the women almost lost her husband in February but he is currently rebounding and is at home. The other women's husband died last week.

One of the things I have found so interesting about these two blogs in particular is one woman is a christian and the other who lost her husband is not. There is a noticeable difference in their approach to their situations. While the christian woman sounds overwhelmed and upset, she still holds onto her faith in God and that light (I know that sounds hokey) shines through in her writing. The other woman sounds like she is at the bottom of a dark hole and can't even see the light at the top.

A blogger I discovered today was diagnosed with a brain tumor a couple of weeks ago. She has three children - one of whom is a miracle baby who according to doctors wouldn't be born alive. Needless to say, she still has major health issues and was diagnosed with autism but she has made it to her fifth birthday. Now this mom is fighting an unimaginable battle, but her faith in God is amazing. I can only hope 1) that I will never experience such trials and 2) if I do, I would have the same type of strong faith. She is scared and cries often, but she is able to remember that God is in control.

The closest experience I have is the birth and quick death of my niece Lauren. Although I do not know my SIL very well since they live in another country, it has been my impression that she has strongly leaned on God during that time and in the years since. When terrible things happen, we often hear that God will use it for His glory. And while we may never know whey certain things happen, I can't help but think that the loss of my niece has given my brother and SIL a chance to be an incredible witness in a country where christians are a small minority.

The recent events at VTech have people wondering why do bad things happen to good people? I don't know. But a tragedy such as this, medical diagnoses such as cancer, diseases, infertility, etc., and marriages falling apart around me, continue to remind me how blessed I am. I don't have a perfect life. I had a tumor scare a few years ago that amounted to very little. My husband "does the laundry" yet leaves unfolded clothes piled on the couches until there is nowhere to sit. My kids fight with each other and talk back to me. The baby likes to wake up at 5 AM. I have a stubborn MIL and crazy family members. But tonight I am able to eat dinner with my family, help the kids with homework and fold their endless supply of jeans so they have clothes to wear tomorrow. Not everyone is so fortunate.

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