Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I did it

I just sent off my first proposal on a freelance job. I'm a little nervous about it because I'm not sure if it was good enough. My contact who was supposed to look at it and discuss it with me never returned my email, so I just took a stab at it and sent it off. Now I'm not sure I even want to do it. Yes, extra money would be great, but the way this gig would be set up, I wouldn't probably get anything for awhile. It's really more of an investment on my part in their new company. We'll see how it pans out. Could be the start of something, but then again, I'd be happy never having to work for money. I've got enough other things in life to keep me busy.

Speaking of which, I think I did a great job of multitasking this evening. Since my wonderful cousin took Anna to an early dinner, I didn't have to worry about feeding her before soccer. So I picked up McD's for J, J and me; ate my burger while I drove very carefully; unloaded Anna at the soccer field; served the boys their food; set up the portable DVD player for their entertainment; then mixed some rice cereal and fed Spencer. The DVD player was really the best thing because I didn't want to drop her off and leave only to turn around and go back to get her, and it was too cold outside (April in Oklahoma - tornado one week, snow the next) for the boys to play.

Happy anniversary, D. It was 12 years ago today that we met over a donut. If I hadn't been so wiped out from a headcold and Baby's restless night, I might've gone to pick up donuts for him. On the other hand, he could've done the same thing for me. But even better, he let me sleep in while he got the kids ready for school and out the door. Of course, once he left Jack and Baby were ready for the day.


Penny said...

That's cool about the freelance job. Even if you don't get paid for a while, it may turn into a lot more paid jobs.

Dayna said...

Still haven't heard from them. We'll see what happens.