Thursday, April 5, 2007

If only

If only I had a Saturday to do what I needed to do...this Saturday I get to go to a strange baby shower. It's for my husband's side of the family, and of course he has to work. So I'm taking my MIL with me to make sure she goes. Fortunately, kids are invited and unfortunately, kids are invited. After the 30 minute baby shower, they are having an Easter egg hunt for the kids. But we can't hang around long because Anna has a soccer game at 12:45.

Best news of all?!? There's a chance of snow and the high on Saturday is in the 40s! I could make stew for dinner one more time before it's too hot for stew. I'm rambling but it's because I'm trying to avoid complaining. My house is a mess and since cleaning is not a priority with me, that's saying a lot. However, I don't have time to really clean it because I have to proof 100 mini bios before tomorrow. Thank goodness my mom watched the kids today because that wonderful woman folds the laundry and puts away what she can.

My neighbor brought over a tub of cookie dough to thank D for mowing her yard. Right now I could probably go through the whole thing easily. Anyway, she came just as CSI was starting and stayed to visit, so by the time she left and I inspected the damage the two older kids caused in both bathrooms, I missed the whole show.

Tomorrow will be a better day -- especially if I get to eat lunch at Alfredo's.

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