Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Today is Jack's third birthday. If I could get to my scanner, I'd scan in the photo the staff took of him at the restaurant tonight, but I don't have time for that. For now I'll use a picture I took of him recently with my new camera phone.

He loves having his picture taken and thinks any camera will let him see immediate results. He really gets confused when I use my old-fashioned camera with film. For the past year, he's been our little redneck boy since he had a front tooth pulled. We could've paid to implant a false tooth, but why when he looks so cute?

I've been thinking about Jack's role in our family. Anna is the oldest and only girl; Jeremy is the oldest boy; and Baby is the baby. Well, Jack is Jack. In just the last few months, he's grown so much. When he is excited about something, he says "cool" or "awesome." He's the only child we have who actually does what the TV characters, such as Dora and Diego, ask. I often hear him yelling "backpack" or "no swiping!"

He loves playing outside. He recently inherited Jeremy's old bike and has very little trouble reaching the pedals. He also has fun riding around the neighborhood on his scooter. A few weeks ago, the boy across the street who is 1 1/2 years older than Jack did not play well with Jack, but now they are the best of friends, hiding behind the mailbox when a car comes down the street or throwing a frisbee around.

Jack also loves to help in the kitchen. It is not unusual for him to choose to help me make something rather than play with the kids or go somewhere with daddy. His two favorite things to make are pizza and cookies. One evening I ordered pizza, and he did not like that -- he wanted to make the pizza from scratch. I might as well appreciate the fact that he prefers my cooking since that will probably change.

In just another year, we will be standing in line registering him for pre-k. Time is flying by quickly, but I'm not really sad. I'll continue to enjoy each stage with my kids without dwelling on the passage of time.

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