Thursday, April 2, 2009

I took a walk down memory lane this evening. Fifteen years ago in May, I graduated from college and moved into my own apartment. It was a wonderful time -- I enjoyed my small apartment and its peacefulness. And that fall when the new TV season launched, I was able to sit quietly each evening checking out new shows like Friends and ER and getting hooked on some that had already been around a few years like Law & Order -- before there was a Special Victims Unit or a group to deal with those with Criminal Intent.

Yes, I watched ER from the beginning. I remember many of those "special" episodes -- Love's Labor Lost or Doug's return. But over the years I got a social life and gave birth to children, both of which interfere greatly with TV watching. In the past few years, Friends said farewell and Without a Trace provided more entertainment that ER. But since I'm still a fan of Jack McCoy's, I check in on L&O every now and then.

Tonight my daughter and I spent the evening watching the final episode of ER. Yes, it was past her bedtime, but sometimes you have to make an exception when you are having a bonding moment. But it became quickly evident that while I had a few brief moments of emotion remembering certain characters or incidences, Anna is definitely her father's daughter.

She has not had the life experiences I have had. Lost loved ones as I have. Or felt the great disappointments I have. But ER still managed to make her cry while I sat there and laughed silently at her.

As for the question that was posed during this evening's special look back, Dr. Gates or Dr. Ross? I have to go with Dr. Ross.

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