Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We had a fun but exhausting Easter. For days leading up to the weekend, I was excited to try to make what would be an inferior version of Bakerella's cake pops. I had high hopes that our Easter egg pops would be adorable, but I should've known better. The highlight of the experience was the fun I had with Anna, neighbor Kristin and her daughter.

As for Easter, we made it to church and enjoyed a nice service. Then we returned home where I immediately prepared the sweet potatoes and awesome banana pudding -- all while wearing my heels. My feet were killing me, so I changed clothes while I made the kids keep on their Easter clothes. I'm so mean...

Our annual Easter picture was not the best one we've taken, especially since we had to take it inside due to the rain and Jeremy was upset for some reason.

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grab_a_spoon said...

hat's off to you for attempting the cake balls. I'm too intimidated. I know Jeremy's mad in that photo, but I can't stop laughing.