Monday, April 27, 2009

DVR is a wonderful thing. It has me a much more relaxed person. I'm not wasting my late nights surfing channels trying to find something interesting to watch. I simply pull up one of the shows I've recorded and enjoying skipping commercials -- and weather alerts.

It has also taken the term *instant gratification* to a new level. My toddler has no concept of time, so when he wants to watch Curious George, Dragon Tales or The Backyardigans, I am able to grant his wish (or demand). I'm sure this is an issue I'm going to have to deal with at some point as he becomes more demanding, but for now I'll take 30 minutes of time I can spend doing something constructive around the house.

Hopefully, that time in the near future will be spent planning a home addition. We'll see how this week goes...

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