Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Several junk emails are sent each day to my work address. Fortunately, the majority head straight into my junk mail. But occasionally, one or two will sneak through to my main inbox. Usually, they are obviously trash, but sometimes they have subject lines that are very vague.

Today I received a message simply titled "hot dogs." Of course, my immediate thought was that was a code name for a male enhancement product, but I took a chance and looked at it. Much to my surprise I was being invited to a hot dog dinner Memorial weekend by someone who worked in a local school district. Although I regularly send emails to faculty and staff at schools throughout the state, I did not remember ever having contact with this person. While it was an odd email, I dismissed it and continued on with my other more pressing responsibilities -- like an event for nearly 1,000 people next week.

However, because I'm strange, I checked my work email this evening, and got a very good laugh. Two people who received the original "hot dogs" message chose to reply to all. The first person couldn't make it because her husband has to work. The second person was trying to coax that individual to ditch her husband and join the fun. Evidently, it was some type of family reunion.

At this point I began looking through the addresses listed and noticed a few belonged to a couple of media guys and another has the address of a local gentleman's club. I can only assume that the original sender completely botched someone's address when they sent it to me. While it appears my last name is the same as some of those listed, it would take some effort to come up with my work address.

D's response to it all was that we should show up on that Saturday. Unfortunately, the sender did not provide the location -- probably because all the people (except me) she was sending it to would know where she lived.

After the week I've had I needed a good laugh.

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