Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm glad Jeremy is keeping me full of amusing stories since I've got so much crap going on in other areas of my life. (In the middle of a couple of the busiest weeks of my year, D was ridiculously let go from his job. I'm not going into to details because it is to crazy to really explain.)

Anyway, here's my Jeremy story for the week.

Insurance is paying for a new roof and gutters after the damagin hail storm in February. However, we are just now getting around to having these things done. The roof is finished, and the gutter guys were here yesterday.

Jeremy, watching the gutters being installed: How much do gutters cost?

Me: I don't remember. Insurance is paying for it.

Jeremy: Did it pay for the roof, too?

Me: Yes.

Jeremy: That's a good deal.

Me: Well, we do pay for our insurance every month so we can get the money to make these repairs when needed.

Jeremy: Still it's a good deal.

Ah, the wisdom of an eight year old.

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grab_a_spoon said...

Oh my gosh - I'm so sorry to read about D's job. You'll be in my prayers!