Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well, I'm a little closer to 40 now, and I'm OK with that. Yesterday I enoyed chocolate dipped strawberries, Alfredo's for lunch and Hideaway pizza for dinner plus many hugs and I love you's from the kids. It doesn't get much better than that.

D helped the boys with their presents to me, but Anna, always the creative one, chose to make something. Again, it's a fine line between encouraging her creativity and disciplining her for 1) using materials/foods/appliances she does not have permission to have and 2) leaving a big mess. Maybe someday she will be a world famous chef, and when Food Network is featuring her, I'll share the story of when she made me a birthday gift -- a jar layered with cotton candy, Froot Loops and chocolate chunks. Jack keeps asking if I've eaten it yet. I'm hoping he forgets about it very soon. I love chocolate and cotton candy, and Froot Loops is one of my favorite cereals. However, I don't think the combination would set very well.

Regardless, it was an entertaining evening with D and the kids -- before D and Jeremy had to leave for a basketball game. Such is my life -- basketball, soccer, scouts, etc.

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