Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It is very difficult to be content with what you have when you are helping someone else buy a house. I've been looking at houses in my neighborhood with my parents, but it's my brother who is actually planning to purchase a house. Since he's not in the country, my mom and I get the luxury of spending his money.

When you have a family of six living in a three-bedroom house and the living area is not too big, things get a little cramped. Fortunately, the kids are still small enough that they don't take up a lot of room -- it's their toys that need all the space. However, I have looked at a couple of newer homes -- one is still being built and the other is six years old -- with four bedrooms. So let's recap: I live in a three bedroom with four kids and did I mention my house is 20 years old? These other homes I've toured are much, much newer and have four bedrooms. Contentment is hard to come by right now.

I'm trying to remind myself that my mortgage is much cheaper than it would be if we bought a bigger home, and my house will be paid off by the time Spencer graduates from high school. I can also watch my kids walk from our backdoor to the door of the elementary school. Those are some very attractive points. If we can just find a house for him to buy, then I can stop being tempted by these other houses!

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penny said...

When are they moving here? Wow! Does he get to keep the same job and just travel?